Real Time Reporting Software Suite

Cradle to Grave Reporting / Skills Based Routing

Xima Chronicall started out as a simple call event monitoring application, but it has evolved into an all purpose call history, call recording, and real time reporting software suite. Chronicall offers a revolutionary set of features designed to overcome the limitations of traditional call history and reporting software, and it does so by connecting directly to your phone system and logging everything that happens on each call, from the moment it starts to the second it ends.

True Cradle to Grave reporting means that you can expand each and every call to view its Ringing, Talking, Queue, Hold, and Transfer events, as well as each user, group, and external party involved at each step along the way. You can sort, search, filter, and rearrange the tabular data or export it directly to a spreadsheet program for further analysis. Cradle to Grave is just one of many quality tools that separate Chronicall from the competition.

Each basic installation of Chronicall includes a powerful and flexible Cradle to Grave interface and either the Standard Reports module or the Recording Library module. From there, Chronicall can be expanded with additional modules, including Custom Reports, Realtime, Agent Dashboards, Skills Based Routing & Queued Call Back.

At Xima Software, they strive to provide the best service and support possible. That’s why they offer an optional maintenance plan called Xima Care. Each year of Xima Care gives you unlimited access to the Xima support team for technical support, remote installation, assistance with Custom Reports, training sessions for you and your staff, and more.

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