Avaya Aura Messaging

Unified Messaging Provides Integration of Voice and Fax Messages Where Users Can View All Messages at Once and Who Sent Them.

Speech Auto Attendant Allows Callers to Say a Name Instead of Entering an Extension on the Keypad.

Avaya Aura® Messaging is Avaya’s flagship messaging solution for unified messaging that leverages industry standards to flexibly integrate within the Avaya Aura® architecture in Linux based server environments.

Avaya Aura® Messaging is part of Avaya’s unified messaging strategy to continue to drive end-user productivity, simplicity and integrated experiences, while providing IT with cost savings and significantly greater deployment flexibility with consolidation, resiliency, and scale. The combination of tying in with the Avaya Aura architecture principles, having a common architecture with other Avaya products, and integrating tightly with our product portfolio lends itself well to lowering operating costs, creating consistency for our customers, and operating in multi-vendor environments.

The result is a cost-effective and flexible approach to maximize current and future messaging system investments, while bringing new application value and functionality to businesses.

The current release supports similar Octel Aria, Intuity AUDIX, and CallPilot/Meridian Mail features and Telephony User Interfaces or TUIs for message access, but also allows access to voice message with IMAP email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. A client-less toolbar is available for manipulation of voicemail messages in Microsoft Outlook. Text conversion converts voicemail to text.

A major differentiator for Avaya Aura® Messaging is with its system features. The solution gives customers flexibility as to where messages are stored including options for using a standalone message store and/or integration with email systems.

In terms of deployment options, customers can choose between a single server configuration and a front end/back end configuration where the application and message store are on separate servers. Customers can run this in a virtualized environment on customer provided servers running the VMware. Various options are also available for a distributed or centralized model.

The solution offers multiple levels of redundancy ensuring high availability for the application. N+1 redundancy is available for the application. Local survivability ensures that the application will continue to function even when access to the message store is lost. Geographic redundancy is also supported for the application, and for the Avaya Message Store server via Mutare Message Mirror.

With regards to scale, a single server solution is available to support up to 6,000 users and multiple servers can be used to meet most customer demands up to 40,000 users.

The solution is SIP based and interoperates with Avaya Aura Communication Manager, Avaya Aura Session Manager, Session Enablement Services, and Communication Server 1000. Additionally, interoperability with a wide range of 3rd party PBX systems is available via SIP gateways.

Avaya Aura Messaging, through its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, enables employees to manage email, voicemail, and fax messages on their device of choice including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

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